Flex Process is a leader in applying advanced process simulation tools such as dynamic modelling. We offer a unique range of services including traditional process design and engineering, process safety, and simulation and optimisation. The common theme that applies across all our services is the application of advanced simulation tools to provide more accurate and cost-effective solutions to our clients’ problems, all in one place.

Our services are offered in three overlapping categories:

  • Digitisation, Digitalisation & As-Built Plant Data
  • Process Simulation & Optimisation
  • Process Safety & Sustainability

We use innovative advanced modelling and data analysis techniques to provide better, cost-effective solutions to our clients. Follow the links on this page to see more detail about these offerings and how we can help you to cost-effectively solve your problems.


Digitisation, Digitalisation & As-Built Plant Data


Process Simulation & Optimisation


Process Safety & Sustainability

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