LNG Gas tanker loading in port

LNG Terminal:

Digital twin, energy and capacity improvements, training simulator.

The Problem

Understanding the way your plant behaves is key to the design of critical safeguards and so is the efficient optimisation of throughput and the training of staff to respond to unexpected events. Changes to plant hardware can also invalidate previous calculations on process safety time leaving hidden vulnerabilities.

The Solution

  • A high fidelity dynamic model accurate to 1% reveals every hidden aspect of your process.

  • Process parameters are compared to the real plant to ensure accuracy.

  • Dynamic models can be linked to existing control software to increase realistic response and train operators effectively.

  • Change options or safety scenarios can be virtually tested avoiding hazardous plant trials.

  • Plant can be easily optimised when operating parameters are fully understood in the context of the plant.

The Benefits

A perfect digital twin of the process helped improve safety, ensure efficiency and kept operators well trained in both old and new plant.

  • Unlocked 10% increase in Nameplate Capacity

  • Achieved 40% increase in Peak Capacity.

  • Full range of feed compositions understood.

  • Proves 3% reduction in energy consumption.

Services Provided

  • Survey of your Data.

  • Models built in small stages.

  • Process Safety.

  • Calculation of Process Safety Time.

  • Pressure Relief & Surge.

  • Optimisation and Energy Reduction.

  • Operator Training Simulator.

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