Project Engineering, Costing & Planning

Having a proven delivery process that minimises uncertainty provides our Clients with confidence in our scheduling and cost estimating for capital projects.

Our project delivery framework provides us with clear and understandable expectations of design maturity at the various stages. This means our cost estimating and scheduling work have a justifiable basis and contingencies.

Our early proactive interaction with Clients at URS stage means we gain insight to schedule and downtime sensitivity.  This, like other requirements, are managed within our delivery process to ensure that capital projects are planned to minimise disruption and are delivered when Clients need them (e.g. for outages).

By maintaining a clear Design Intent (i.e. knowing why and what is important) provides us the ability to engage intelligently with suppliers and select the right equipment which will meet the Design Intent at the lowest cost.  This, together with our approach to standardisation, also provides cost-leveraging power without introducing inappropriate blanket deployment of equipment that doesn’t meet its duty demands.

Our Client-focused and flexible approach at the start of the project means that we can always deliver any documentation in particular formats to fit a Client need; after all, we consider this just another User Requirement.

Case Study:

Flex Process Case Study_Resin Vent System

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