Our Approach

We haven’t found a client that doesn’t agree with the view that getting the design right is a priority.

From a safety aspect, poor selection of technology and failure to provide adequate protection systems have had dramatic consequences, while from a cost control aspect an established ‘rule of thumb’ that has been well documented states correcting design flaws in the field has been proven to be 100 times more expensive than correcting the flaws during the design phase.

Our Clients have found that the design approach we follow can bring many advantages besides avoiding safety and cost overrun risks.  These benefits include:

  • More accurate project planning and estimating
  • Simplification of ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable)/SFAIRP (So Far As Is Reasonably Practicable) and Best Practice justification in safety cases/BAT and regulatory submissions
  • Consistency in design leads to standardisation, bringing benefits of bulk cost reductions, ease of operator/maintainer training and minimising spares holdings
  • Clear requirements definition allows for straightforward verification and validation processes, meaning impact of changes and understanding of Design Intent is more effective and transparent

Case Study:

Flex Process Case Study_Resin Vent System

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