Detailed Design

Our Detailed Design phase concentrates on turning intent into reality via production of working drawings,  application of standards, generation of specifications and tender/fabrication documents so that the plant and systems can be fabricated, assembled and tested.

During the generation of these deliverables, we maintain the Design Intent, or if a variation is unavoidable, the change is properly managed through our Change Control procedure.  Production, review, approval, and management of these Detailed Design deliverables follows a methodical and comprehensive approach meeting the requirements of ISO9001.

We incorporate best practices by the use of recognised Engineering Standards applicable to the system and industry.  Examples include:

  • ASME
  • API
  • IEC
  • ISO
  • British Standards

We believe standardisation helps to improve project delivery by reducing time-inefficient custom component searching and increasing procurement leverage by concentrating component sourcing.  Significant advantages for our Clients are also realised by providing a platform for common training in component identification and use while reducing onsite spares holding.

Case Study:

Flex Process Case Study_Pulp lines

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