Dynamic Simulation

We are always looking for new applications for Dynamic Simulation, because we believe it represents the future of process engineering, whether that be pushing boundaries in established markets, or introducing it to whole new industries. Although it has found uses in many places, it is still a field in its infancy, and its full potential is revolutionary.

Where traditional process engineering methods require rules of thumb and simplifying assumptions – the very core of a process engineer’s craft – dynamic simulation provides certainty. This does not replace process engineers, but frees them to look at the bigger picture, and provides a tool to increase the quality and efficiency of their work.

In-Depth Studies

By using dynamic simulation, a level of detail in calculations is made available that simply hasn’t been in the past. This presents opportunities to meet needs that have never before been realised – or have been considered too costly.

  • Integrated models, bringing together an entire process plant and all ancillary services
  • Process safety studies (e.g. Dynamic HAZOP), taking into account complex interactions between units
  • Reverse engineering existing processes for which there is little design documentation
  • Detailed control & trip design and checkout, using models that match both processes and controllers
  • Due diligence – providing comprehensive understanding of both the capabilities and limitations of a plant
  • Providing a design basis for capital projects, considering transient events at the concept stage
  • Offline troubleshooting, diagnosing problems and process disruptions

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