Data Distribution Analyser

Anyone who has tried to work on data from existing plants knows that simple questions such as “what is the temperature?” don’t have a simple answer, and the answer you do get is likely to be “it depends.” Understanding how the plant operates on a day to day basis, and how the different operating conditions are related to each other, to which operator was on shift, or even the weather can be the difference between a successful modification design and expensive changes at commissioning.

Quantifying how often equipment operates within a given range – and understanding what that range is – is essential to developing a rational design basis. However, even though industrial data gathering has improved drastically in recent years, generating anything more useful than a time plot is beyond the reach of most tools.

Because of this, we have developed a software solution which can convert data exported from a typical data historian, and present it as frequency, so that you can see the probability of a process variable being within any desired range. This lets us identify the full operating range of equipment, as well as more specific ranges for unusual operation. Combined with a user-friendly interface, performing complex mathematical analysis just takes a couple of clicks.

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Case Study:

Flex Process Case Study_Modelling Refinery Processes

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