With our combination of experience and specialisms, we’ve come across a lot of problems out there that are waiting for well-engineered solutions. Our Innovation team is here to work on these, with a view to developing the company’s portfolio to include licensable technology and software, as well as to find new uses for the tools we have.


Our original software is ReliefFLOW – a relief device rating and sizing program. It combines system capacity calculations with the ability to rapidly try different sizing options, making it a great tool for both design and review. It can perform most relief calculations, including two-phase flow, as well as dynamic cases.

Data Distribution Analyser

Our Data Distribution Analyser software takes conventional data historian logs and converts them to a probability distribution. This allows us to rapidly understand how our clients operate their sites, and delve into years’ worth of data in a straight-forward and easy to use interface.

Dynamic Simulation

We’re always pushing what we can do with Dynamic Simulation. We believe it’s the future of process engineering, and are keen to find new uses and new fields for one of the most important developments in process engineering.

Looking Ahead

By tapping into our simulation expertise, we’re uniquely placed to test out new concepts, and develop blue-sky ideas to real, implementable designs. We are working on our own process designs, which we hope to begin marketing in the near future. We can also test your concept designs, and help you make informed decisions as early as possible.

If there’s anything you’d like to speak to us about, please don’t hesitate to contact us.