Process Safety

We combine practical engineering with process safety…

Our process safety experience offers our clients an extensive resource for ensuring that their plant is fully compliant with regulations and is demonstrably safe:

  • Help through HAZOPs and SIL assessments, including HAZOP chair
  • Developing safety-critical device registers for maintenance planning and future modification
  • Preparing for safety report submissions (e.g. COMAH) with technical expertise
  • Responding to regulator queries and actions with a full report, ready for submission
  • Ensuring industry standards and best practice are followed
  • Reviewing existing site practices and measures to ensure they are effective and compliant

We remove the uncertainties of “what if”…

By using advanced simulation techniques, we can fully utilise the existing process information to increase the accuracy of hazard assessment:

  • Reduce the reliance on “guesstimates” and rules of thumb with rigorous hi-fidelity process simulations
  • Model complex emergency events, taking the subjectivity out of Hazard Studies
  • Use simulation to provide a meeting point for process and control engineers, process safety specialists, and plant operators
  • Identify hidden scenarios by testing the effects of every possible equipment failure

We offer expert pressure relief design…

We have extensive experience in pressure relief, and can help you design, specify, or review individual items or site-wide systems

  • Sizing relief valves, bursting disks, and all associated piping and equipment for the credible worst cases
  • In-house software to perform both standard (e.g. fire, blocked outlet) and more complex (e.g. two-phase, runaway reactions) relief calculations
  • Standardised and auditable deliverables, so that future reviews can follow the design from hazard identification to equipment specification
  • Use your existing templates so all deliverables fit with your current systems
  • Survey existing systems and ensure that they are able to withstand the mechanical stresses of a relief event, and provide you with any required re-design

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