Fields of Expertise

Our range of expertise reflects the diversity of experience of our teams. With our breadth of knowledge, we are able to work across a variety of sectors. Our experience includes:


  • Steady State Process Simulation
  • Dynamic Process Simulation
  • Network Modelling
  • Hydraulic Modelling
  • Mechanical Modelling/Stress Analysis

Engineering Design

  • Early Stage Optioneering
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Detailed Design
  • Equipment Specification
  • Project Engineering

Process Safety

  • SIL Assessments
  • Relief and Flare Design
  • Runaway Reactions
  • Site Surveys

Nuclear Engineering

  • Isotope Separation
  • Containment Systems
  • Waste Treatment
  • Substantiated Reference Designs
  • Technical Support for Safety Cases

Our wide ranging experience includes conventional process systems, as well as a variety of difficult and unusual designs, such as Azeotropic Extraction, API Product Recovery, and Fluorine Products.

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