Companies are increasingly recognising their role in reducing their environmental impact, and most have a specific policy on sustainability. But what does sustainability look like, and how can you move towards it?

At Flex Process, we believe that sustainability in industry is founded on three principles:

  1. Reducing energy usage
  2. Reducing waste
  3. Using sustainable feedstocks

We can help you achieve these – and the operating cost savings that can come with them.

Energy Efficiency

We have the advanced tools required to produce a comprehensive energy balance for even the most complex process. By understanding where your energy is being used, we can help you save it, improving your environmental impact, and your bottom line.

Waste Reduction

We can help you identify ways of reducing process waste, from water that requires treatment, to product lost in a by-product stream. Because we can delve into the complex thermodynamics of your process streams, we can identify changes to lower your production losses, and increase your margins.

Alternative Feedstocks

With pressure mounting to move away from non-renewable feedstocks, you may need to examine the effects of changing to a more sustainable option. Perhaps you would like to replace a solvent in a process with a greener alternative, but can’t make a decision until you understand the impact on your process. We can help you by using predictive process modelling to simulate the change offline.

If you’d like to know more about how you can reduce your environmental impact and control your operating costs, please get in touch.

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