Pressure Relief & Flare Studies

We are very happy to guide you through the process of showing that your relief and flare systems are fit for purpose. We provide you with levels of service sufficient to meet the requirements of your regulator – including assistance in writing your Safety Report. In particular, we can offer:

Relief Device Sizing

We can complete a detailed relief study providing you with all the calculations and documents you need to purchase the relief device or demonstrate that your existing devices are safe. We can assist you with complex relief problems, such as reacting two phase flow and can also advise on the latest industry good practice, such as API 520 and API 521.

Dynamic Simulation

Using the latest dynamic simulation techniques to optimise your relief and flare systems, we can save you significant capital investment and provide you with a highly accurate model that you can use for testing changes and training your operators.

Network Flow Modelling

We can mechanically survey all of your flare system and provide you with a network flow model generated in the latest software that will be able to examine gas, liquid and two phase flow regimes. This can help ensure that all your piping is correctly sized, avoiding excessive pressure drops and back-pressures.

In all cases, we are happy to provide advice and make practical recommendations on areas that you need to improve. Please let us know if we can help you.

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Case Study:

Flex Process Case Study_Dynamic Relief & Flare Study

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