Our consultancy services bring together our expertise in process simulation and our extensive real-world experience. We use this combination to provide you with workable solutions, which take into account the unique aspects of your site and process, your operating procedures and schedules. With decades of work on plants, from design to commissioning, through operations, turnarounds, and re-vamps, we know what actually goes into making a process successful. We understand the financial and regulatory pressures you are under, and we make sure you get it right first time – because although making changes is expensive, getting them wrong is unaffordable.

Our strong base of experience means our clients have access to extensive process and operational safety capabilities. Whether it’s leading a hazardous area classification exercise or reviewing existing equipment, we can help you establish best practice. This confidence comes from our risk-informed approach to engineering, including design and assessment of existing assets through risk-based inspection, site surveys, and maintenance programs.

By having a diverse team of process, simulation, and mechanical engineers, we have the integrated capability to provide you with the detailed answers you need.

Process Engineering

We know what it’s like to have a process that no one truly understands. Perhaps there’s been too many modifications or feed changes over the years to trust the original mass balance, or perhaps the paperwork has been lost or degraded in storage. We can make sure you understand your process fully, with a full mass and energy balance. We can help you optimise and modify your process, and help you develop and test new operating procedures in a real-time simulation.

Process Control & Trip Strategy

We firmly believe that the future of process engineering is in advanced simulation, and it provides an excellent meeting place for your process, control and operations people to work together. We can help you solve problems with conflicting controllers, difficult control schemes, and unexpected trips. We can also provide your engineers with a platform to perform a virtual check-out of their PLC and DCS code, tune their PID control settings, or just try out new ideas, without any disruption to your actual plant.

Process Safety & Regulatory Compliance

Whether you’re designing a new system and need to understand the hazards, or the regulator has given you an action, we can help. We understand that sometimes documentation isn’t what it should be, or perhaps isn’t there at all. And sometimes hazards sneak in without anyone noticing. That’s what we do – we help our clients get their house in order. We have years of experience across a wide array of projects including pressure relief & flare studies, runaway reactions, hazardous area classification, pipe stress analysis and more.

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Flex Process Case Study_Modelling Refinery Processes

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