We’ve been working hard recently to develop our own in-house software to assist us in calculating relief loads and sizing pressure relief valves and bursting discs. We’ve called it FPC-ReliefCalc, because, well, it’s a relief calculator. The software helps us follow API, HSE, ASME and industrial best practice for a range of situations, including: Fire relief calculations Thermal runaway reactions Solar heating of storage tanks Blocked outlets The relief calculations cover: sub-cooled liquid expansion displaced liquid flashing two-phase liquid-incondensable gas two-phase supercritical vapour only The software gives us the inlet pressure drop, the outlet backpressure, and the fluid properties throughout the relief pipework. In fact, we’veRead More →

We are happy to introduce our new website, which will hopefully improve visitor experience and give you a better idea of who we are and what we do.   We are also very excited to introduce video case studies, so that you can see a small part of our work in action, and learn a little bit about dynamic simulation. We also hope they will make you stop and think about how we can help you improve your processes by introducing dynamic simulation to your work. To start with, we’ve put up three videos: A quick demo of Dynsim and Trinity‘s iDefine, where we use iDefineRead More →