Video case studies

Linking Dynsim and iDefine

Dynsim is a high resolution dynamic modelling tool. iDefine is a powerful trip and logic emulator. We are able to link them via OPC to combine the strengths of the two programs, and generate a user interface an operator would recognise – all while testing actual plant conditions and logic.

Testing Compressor Trips

Using our link between Dynsim and iDefine, we can test your trip systems to make sure the design is effective. Here, we look at the high level trips on the knock-0ut drums protecting some compressors.

Unexpected HAZOP outcomes

The scenarios from a HAZOP are often assessed with experience and straightforward calculations. But there are situations that can fall through the cracks – where a more comprehensive approach is needed. Here, we’ll look at a real world example of a stripper system losing its feed.

Sizing a compressor relief valve

Using Dynsim’s compressor models, we can test the effects of a blocked outlet valve, and check the size of the relief valve. Using dynamic simulation helps us make sure we size it correctly – big enough, while avoiding being too conservative and purchasing an unnecessarily large (and more expensive) valve.

Testing a compressor settle out case

In this case study, we’ll examine the effect of recycle valve size on a compressor settle out case. Using Dynsim, we can monitor the transient events of shutting in a compressor train, and make sure the valves are the right size to prevent a relief event.