Case Studies

Our latest case study video:

In this case study, we’ll examine the effect of recycle valve size on a compressor settle out case. Using Dynsim, we can monitor the transient events of shutting in a compressor train, and make sure the valves are the right size to prevent a relief event.

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Or read about our work:

Working with a construction partner, our multidisciplinary team of engineers delivered a design to fit into a crowded power station, while minimising downtime.

We used our expertise in dynamic simulation to develop a model which replicated complex behaviour of a highly variable gas distribution network.

We provided a fully documented design package for a new pulp line, complete with pipe and structural stress analysis, and provided significant savings over the first pass design.

We used Pro/II to model most of a refinery, enabling the client to understand the processes better, and providing a platform to plan and test modifications and operating changes.

We used our engineering expertise and Aspen BatchPlus to improve pharmaceutical product recovery, improving efficiency and saving money.

We undertook a thorough relief study of a column which had suffered some unexpected process disruptions, and enabled the refinery to operate it safely and with confidence.

We used Pro II and DynSim to model all the units around a flare system, and helped find the most cost effective way to work within the existing constraints, saving our client £5M.

Using our own in-house software and mechanical modelling, we assessed the integrity of an existing relief system, and provided the design for a new system.

We designed a system which saved a client £3M/year, and used DynSim to ensure the new installation would be reliable.