ISO 9001 Quality Certification for Flex Process

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve what we offer our clients, we have obtained ISO 9001 certification. This demonstrates that we consistently monitor and manage the quality of our work. While our existing clients are well acquainted with the standards we set ourselves, we understand that external certification brings additional confidence.

ISO 9001 quality cert

We are immensely proud to have gained this in the relatively short time since we took the decision to pursue it six months ago. Our systems, controls, continuity and recovery plans, delivery models, and internal auditing have all been closely examined, and found to be up to scratch.

While this is an achievement, we don’t view the certification as an end to itself. We have used the process as part of our continuous improvement plan, and have refined our systems to ensure we never let a client down. On top of this, we have taken our delivery models for our consultancy services and projects¬†through their paces.

Though we do anticipate that our clients may see some superficial changes to how we operate, the underlying principle of providing cutting-edge, rigorous engineering remains. We’ve been doing this for years, and our ways of working have been demonstrated to deliver for our clients. But now the world can see that we deliver consistently.

Recieving quality cert
Managing Director Roger Rayner receives ISO 9001 certification