Design for Nuclear Clean-Up Wins Innovate Funding

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Flex Process are very proud to announce that we have won an Innovate UK grant, as part of the Energy Game Changer competition. The scheme was designed to identify technologies which will “encourage new entrants to the energy sector and stimulate the adoption of disruptive technologies.” The grant is shared between a collaboration of Flex Process, S&C Thermofluids, and Bath Process Consultants. The grant will fund the design and construction of a pilot scale rig for our Compact and Energy Efficient Distillation (CEED) technology for tritium recovery from water contaminated by nuclear activities.

The collaboration is an ideal partnership. Flex Process will provide the process design, S&C will build and test the rig, while Bath Process Consultants provide expertise in compact packed-bed systems. The ultimate aim is for the process to recover almost 90% of its energy use, while being compact enough to fit into a shipping container. This would enable the end user to ship and install the technology at practically any site, re-use and re-deploy the technology elsewhere as needed, and minimise any final decommissioning requirements.

The development of CEED falls in line with our vision to provide innovative solutions to the engineering problems we face.

As part of our role in the project, we have developed the design from its initial concept, and we will progress this through to the final rig. This will include using Dynamic Simulation to demonstrate the operability of the rig prior to construction, to ensure that the design will work first time. In addition, our models will be used to rate the performance of the packing, providing data for the final, deployable design. We will also be using dynamic simulation to demonstrate the inherently safe nature of the design, with containment as a top priority.

If you would like to know more about CEED, or any of our services, please contact us.

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